Axle Truing Jig


Axle Truing Jig  RRP $175

Axle Truing Jig  RRP $175

Ever wondered why your bike is on rails around left handers yet won't turn right? your swingarm may be out of alignment with your frame, this can be due to accident damage or misalignment of the swingarm markers.

The Sharp Racing Axle Truing Jig is a very simple tool but can be a lifesaver! simply locate one pointer into the end of your axle, adjust the length & offset of the other point until it locates into your swingarm pivot and lock of the screws. Then, simply rotate the Axle Truing Jig over the bike ( so that the front pointer remains at the front) then try to locate the two pointers into the other side, wont go? your bike is out of alignment!

Great for quickly checking your axle alignment after gearing changes.

Note: colour may vary, it depends what other Anodising it being done at the time ( Black, Silver or Gold, red no longer available)