The Sharp Racing Fork Leg Front Stand is the perfect companion to our Rear Stand if you need to change wheels, fit tyre warmers, wash your bike or just park it up in the garage off its (expensive) tyres to avoid flat spots.

Featuring our unique Height Adjustment System (see below) which allows you to set the Fork Leg Front Stand up to suit YOUR bike.

The fork Leg Front Stand is supplied with two types of fittings, one to lift from under the caliper bracket (if you have radial mounted calipers, see below)

30112010 007.jpg

And another fitting system to lift from under the fork leg itself if you dont have radial mount calipers, this system is also offset adjustable to allow for different length fork legs below the axle, simple remove the insert and turn it upside down on whichever side is needed to level the stand. ( see below)

RRP $225 Red or Black     $250 Chrome