RRP $315 Red  /  Black  $340 Chrome

The Head Stem Front Stand is one of the only true 'built from scratch as a front stand' stands on the market, what does that mean? Most other front stands are built off a rear stand frame, why? because its easier and cheaper!

The problem with this is that the front of your bike is very differnt to the rear so you need the different geometry and leverage ratio's etc that you can only get building  from scratch. The Sharp Racing Head Stem Front Stand also features CNC billet machined hinges where most others just pivot on a bolt fitted into the top of a rear stand.

The Head Stem Front Stand also features our unique Height Adjustment System (see below) giving you more options to set the stand up to perfectly suit YOUR bike.

Another unique feature of our Head Stem Front Stand is the variable pin system (see below) with five optional sleeves giving you six sizes ( the pin can be used on its own) setting up to suit YOUR bike is a tool free, less than a minute affair. Also, as the sleeves are carried on board the stand you are always prepared for if you need to use the stand on a different bike, no more 'where did I put those spare parts...." !

 $350 Red or Black    $375 Chrome