Ezy Roll Alloy Ramp

The Sharp Racing Ezy Roll Alloy Ramp is a Heavy Duty loading ramp designed specifically for road bikes, not dirt bikes or lawn mowers!

Why is it better?  Because road bike wheels are smaller than dirt bike ones and they drop into the gaps between the rungs on a conventional ramp, making it harder to push and with a 200Kg plus roadie, that's not what you need! The Ezy Roll Alloy Ramp has a checker plate surface for grip but no rungs, it also features a low profile top plate to avoid snagging low belly pans (see below left)  and a tapered foot to sit firmly on the ground and remove any steps (see below right)

Dimensions: 1800mm long x 250mm wide - 300kg capacity.

Fully professionally TIG welded right here in Australia so custom sizes are available, please contact me for a quote.


RRP $275