SPR Racing Stands

Want the same gear the factory guys have............ This is it!  

The SPR Front and Rear Stands are the culmination of 20 years of feedback from Factory Superbike team managers and engineers who don't give a rats if your stand looks 'bling' or is a great deal, if it doesn't do the job, its likely to be thrown back at you! These guys only care about performance, does it do the job?

Over that 20 years we've had plenty of suggestions from these guys about how to improve our products, some may seem minor ie. does it really matter if I have to put the axle on the ground when I change a wheel? Yes it does, because if you get dirt on that axle and cant get it back in before qualifying starts, that could cost you your job! So yes, all these little extra's add up to the best RACING stand you can get.

Factories spend a lot of money running race teams and they expect results, if the guy on the spanners is wrestling with a badly designed or poorly made stand he's not able to do his job properly, that could cost a championship.

This is why ALL Factory Superbike Teams in OZ use our SPR stands, not because they are the cheapest (they're not) and not because they are the most bling (they're not that either) but because they WORK, every time, and they do it for years.


                                      SPR Rear Stand



The SPR Rear Stand features bespoke 100mm roller bearing polyurethane wheels (with height adjustment)  on-board axle & nut storage and is only available in Chrome for durability (Not suitable for crawler kit fitment) 

SPR Rear Stand $275

SPR Front Stand

The SPR Front Stand features on-board axle storage (both sides to suit LHS & RHS axles) caliper carrier pins (PVC covered) tool free socket arm removal and a retaining strap for ease of transport (ie. it doesn't swing open and smack you in the back of the legs when you carry it across the pits!)

As this stand is likely to be used exclusively on one bike it does away with the variable pin system of the standard model and is supplied with a solid pin to suit your bike (alternative pins are readily available and cost $30) 

As per the Rear Stand the SPR Front Stand feature bespoke 100mm polyurethane wheels with height adjustment and is only available in Chrome for durability.

SPR Front Stand $395